Cetin Plastic; develops auxiliary products that provide cleaning and hygiene in home, office and many living spaces, produces Flora and Flosoft branded products that are used in millions of places with the slogan “For a clean world!”, accepts being respectful towards the environment and society among its corporate values. Therefore, we prefer the highest quality raw materials with high recycling efficiency in production and we have the awareness of responsibility to the world for the future generations while produce for today’s needs.

Çetin Plastik has adopted the definition of sustainability, which is generally accepted in the developed world; attaches importance to studies related to efficient use of natural resources and energy, keeping emissions low, efficient management of wastes, and developing environmentally compatible products and technologies.

Çetin Plastik does not consider investments to reduce the environmental impact of production as a cost factor, and considers productivity-enhancing projects; prioritizes efficiency in energy consumption, ensures the correct use of resources with the most efficient formulas in the use of raw materials.


We have taken the first step towards our clean energy goal that supports our production and offices with the solar panels we installed in our factory, and we are working to minimize our carbon footprint until 2025, including electric company vehicles.